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over 4 years ago

Welcome to Jamchester!

Welcome to Jamchester!

Hello all and thanks for signing up for Jamchester - the UK’s biggest professional Game Jam. We’ll be using Devpost as the core website for the Jam and as a way for people to connect together, form teams, and get more info about the event.


Why Jamchester?

I (Simon - Gameopolis/thumbfood) had been thinking about creating an event to show off what a great place Manchester is to develop games for some time. Many major published games have come out of our regular Manchester Game Jams including Titan Souls (Acid Nerve, which was famously talent-scouted by Devolver from a jam), Sublevel Zero (SigTrap Games), Glitchrunners (Torque Studios), Unbox (Prospect Games), and Super Rude Bear Resurrection (Alex Rose Games).

Pic from HackManchester 2015

 In mid 2015 I met Claire Foster and Gemma Cameron of HackManchester and learned about the regular hackathons they produce in Manchester. HackManchester is a not-for-profit registered Community Interest Company now in it’s fifth year of running a 24-hour coding competition and has attracted sponsorship from companies including Barclays, AutoDesk, Autotrader,, Sage, and TheLADbible to name a few. We decided to team up and create a big game jam, using the HackManchester format and expertise with a few tweaks to make it better fit game development.

The final member of our core team is Alex Rose (Alex Rose Games). Alex is a prolific game jammer and won Rezzed 2015 jam, and the Innovation category of Ludum Dare 28 and we asked him to come on board with the project as a Game Jam expert. He’s advised us on the format, categories, and tips he’s learned from competing in other jams.

Alex, Claire, and Simon.

Why ‘Professional’ Game Jam?

We realised there’s a gap in the schedule for a game jam that companies and full-time developers would want to attend. There’s already plenty of great amateur and student game jams in the UK but nothing aimed at the professional games industry. Many companies such as Bossa Studios and Sumo Digital use game jams to come up with new ideas and we feel this process will be beneficial for other companies too. Think of it as a ‘Tough Mudder’ for games devs - an intense period of competitive idea creation! We’ve tried to create a good mix of people at the jam, so we have larger indie companies, studios, individuals, and we’ve included a limited amount of student tickets as we feel it’s useful to mix up the type of attendees a little. This will expand over the coming years as we develop the format.


The Future

Our ambition is simple - we want to make Jamchester the world’s biggest professional game jam and host an annual international event in Manchester. We want companies from all over the world to travel to Manchester to compete and make great game ideas in a competitive environment over a weekend. We’ve sold out tickets for 2016 already and are confident it will be a great event.

Happy Jamming!

Simon, Claire, and Alex.



We're here to help. If you have any questions about the Jam, post on the discussion forum and we'll respond as soon as we can.