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over 4 years ago

Improbable Sponsorship & Workshops

Improbable Logo


Improbable are another of our great sponsors for Jamchester. They approached us when they heard about the event as they want to share their message with as many devs as possible. You may have seen them at games events recently - Simon bumped into them on the DLR train to Rezzed last month and had a good chat about their awesome tech.


Who are Improbable?

Improbable is developing SpatialOS; a distributed operating system that makes building simulated worlds possible. Simulated worlds provide unique insight to those asking questions of complex systems. As well as enabling completely new experiences in gaming, simulated worlds can solve significant problems in areas as diverse as defence, energy, city efficiency, health, and finance.

Simply put, Improbable use thousands of machines in the Cloud to host online multiplayer games, advanced simulations and much more. For example you could use their tech to create an MMO without having to buy your own servers - which makes it possible for even the leanest of indies to create massive online games.


Improbable - Supporter Sponsor

Joe Nash is a developer advocate at Improbable, helping developers build massive worlds with SpatialOS. An unrepentant Haskell addict, Joe speaks on topics of FP, distributed systems, and programming language theory. A strong believer in the benefits of hackathons, Joe is resident community lead of Hackathon Hackers EU. 

How to Build Worlds presentation @ Jamchester

(9:15pm on Friday 20th May & again on Saturday 21st May at 10:15am).

Description: Joe talks about how new technologies make online games and large world experiences accessible to small teams, or on tight timescales, in a way not possible previously.

Improbable develop SpatialOS, helping developers build new worlds and large multiplayer experiences. They will be jamming over the weekend, building an MMO in 48 hours, come by and say hi!  


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum and we'll respond as soon as we can.